Your California Employment Law Experts

Founded by managing attorney, Jacob Whitehead, Esq., Whitehead Employment Law is proud to practice labor and employment law on behalf of employees exclusively. Based in Irvine, CA we represent employees from all over California in every type of job sector, including tech, healthcare, corporate, restaurant, service, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and financial. The firm handles all areas of employment and labor law including: 

The firm is highly experienced with both single plaintiff employment-related cases as well as class action and PAGA representative actions with multiple plaintiffs. Specializing in class actions, our attorneys routinely litigate complex cases that have amassed hundreds of plaintiffs against the employer. Whitehead Employment Law  has recovered millions of dollars for California employees and has won numerous awards, including being rated in Super Lawyers, America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators, and Client’s Choice in Avvo.

Our Philosophy

  1. We are here to help our clients even when it means letting them know that we cannot help them
  2. Honesty is always the best policy even when it’s uncomfortable to hear
  3. We don’t practice in all areas of the law so that we can be the best in our field. 
  4. We believe in empowering our clients with the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves
  5. We know you may be walking a hard road and will listen and communicate with empathy 

No one dedicates themself to a job thinking they will end up the victim of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, or pay violations. When you’ve been a victim of such conduct, the last thing you wish to deal with is a complex legal system which you aren’t sure how to navigate.  You’ve got bills to pay, a family to support, and physical or mental health issues to deal with as a consequence of your stressful work situation. We at Whitehead Employment Law understand that being fired or harassed at work doesn’t stay at the office or job site– it affects your entire life. That’s why we’re dedicated to being your advocate and making the process as simple as possible for you, as well as winning you the compensation you deserve. This may be your first time hiring an attorney and it doesn’t need to be an intimidating process. Our attorneys and staff are not only experts in employment law, but are friendly, easy to talk to, and will walk with you, not talk down at you. 

What Sets Us Apart

Not every employee needs an employment lawyer. But if you do, we can help!

We are extremely exclusive in the types of employment cases we take. This allows us to spend the time your case deserves and be the best at what we do.  

Most attorneys won’t tell you this, but you don’t always need an attorney for certain types of employment issues, and you don’t always need to spend years in litigation or trial to obtain the compensation you deserve. Sometimes all it takes is a simple letter to your employer or advice on how to proceed. Other cases may be more involved and the best course of action is to take it all the way to trial. Either way, we will be honest with you and help lay out all of your different options, while giving you the benefit of our extensive legal experience. This is your life, after all– don’t entrust it to just anyone. You are not just a client, you are a partner in the process. It’s your turn to be the boss.